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The NutriSnack dispenser has been quiet for a long time. You are hungry. You are going to be brave, and you are going to find a way out of your room, and you are going to do it--to go Outside.

INHERITANCE is a short, experimental parser game. Release builds are available for download for Windows and OSX.

INHERITANCE was written as an experiment with building a limited parser game from the ground up with audio/visual components. The following are known (minor) issues:

-Missing sprites for flashlight and knife

Update 6/30/19: Patch released! Several bug fixes and minor improvements. Details in the devlog. Thanks for feedback!

Any bug reports are welcome: hit me up at @protoss_probe on Twitter.

Install instructions

FOR WINDOWS: download the .zip file, and you should be able to simply open the .exe for the game.

FOR OSX: download the .zip file and open the application. INHERITANCE requires no installation.


INHERITANCE-darwin-x64.zip 61 MB
inheritance-win32-x64.zip 63 MB

Development log

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